Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wild West

Dress: Free People .  Shirt: Forever21 . Shoes: Sam Edelman . Jewelry: Necklaces: Made by me (contact me for info), Bracelets: made by me, and Charming Charlie . Sunglases: Gucci .  Nails: OPI in: Midnight in moscow, layered over with Mystery.

This weekend we took a trip across the ferry with Bella.  It was cool to see the dolphins and Redfish Bay.  Chris and I have been loving this afternoon with all the rain, it feels like it hasn't rained for a year.  We are going to make Chicken burgers for dinner and Chris is going to try corn for the first time in EVER.  He has a texture issue with corn, but thinks for some reason it may be different on the grill.  lol.   I love that guy.  <3
Can't believe my birthday is in 3 days...When did it get to be October??  Before long it will be Christmas!


  1. Honey, Of course, I'm following you! I ask you to follow me back!
    Your blog is awesome!


  2. gorgeous top! it looks great with your skirt. Now following, follow me back?

  3. Love that shirt and skirt! Such a cute combo!

    Thanks for the lovely comment today! Hope you get on twitter soon!

    Mon xo


  4. Such a great outfit and how the jewellery looks against that rich blue denim shirt. You look beautiful. x

  5. Your maxi is so beautiful! I love your hair!


  6. What a gorgeous outfit Jade! And your puppy is adorable! xoxoxoo

  7. Hi, thank you for following me :) Now Im following you back :)
    love this jeans top !