Sunday, October 16, 2011

Make A Wish...

Top: Free People .  Tube top: Free People .  Pants: Free People .  Shoes: Steve Madden (Old).  Earrings: Charming Charlie .  Bracelets and Ring: Some made by me, the rest: Forever21, Alaska. Lips: MAC (in Snob)

This past week was my birthday, but we didn't celebrate until this weekend.  Chris and I had our portrates taken at the Missions and then i went shopping.  It was fabulous.. I saw Sarah and just spent some time with my family.  Bella got a haircut so she would look beautiful for the photos.  we are suppose to get a "cold" front on tuesday...I hope it gets below 70 so I can wear some sort of fall atire.  lol.

How crazy is the picture with the just landed on my shoulder and chris snapped the pic.  Amazing.
Reminds me of Australia when we went to the zoo and we went into the butterfly area and this amazing butterfly kept landing on Chris's mom. (Mum) :)

They are coming over soon...can't wait till they get here in November.



  1. Thankyou for following me! i am following you back now =D lovely photos!! xx

  2. You're gorgeous! Loved this outfit!